Target Shoppers: Advice for people affected by breach

Target Shoppers: Advice for people affected by breach

The Secret Service and Target Corp. confirmed late Wednesday that a potential 40 million customers fell victim to personal data theft between November 27 and December 15.

This holiday season Target stores will rake in enough money to run a small country. But news of one of the personal security breaches in history has gotten shopper's attention.

"That kind of just scares me because I kind of just shop there," Tyler shopper Jennifer Knight said. "I hope that they took care of it."

Jennifer Knight is like most of us these days: shopping with just a wallet full of plastic, which can be riskier than cash or check.

"That's the only way I can really pay is through credit card so there's not really much I can do I guess," she said.

"If I was one of those 40 million, I would immediately cancel those credit cards, and cancel those debit cards or even close the bank account," TBG Fraud Solutions CEO Mark Seguin said.

Seguin said credit cards can be dealt with easily. Just watch the statement and dispute any charges you didn't make yourself. But debit cards can be tough.

"The truth is debit cards used to be ATM cards," Seguin said. "They were simply to go get money from the bank. We now use them for everything we do. Any time you're going to go to a retail store, you're going to do anything online, don't use a debit card."

If your debit card has been compromised your account number may have been too. Seguin recommended checking with your bank to see whether you're protected or need to start over with a new account.

At least one East Texas bank is being pro-active about it. Texas Bank & Trust is alerting everyone who used any card at Target.

"Those card holders have been identified and we will now be alerting them to stop by any TBT branch immediately to replace their check card at their convenience," Texas Bank & Trust Spokesperson Karen Partee said.

The breach is limited to shoppers who used cards inside brick and mortar stores. Online purchases are said to have remained secure.

The Secret Service is investigating the breach.


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