Tatum I.S.D. stepping up school security


TATUM/RUSK COUNTY (KYTX) -  It's a quiet town of 1,300 people, but Tatum I.S.D. knows a tragedy can happen anywhere. That's why it's making some security changes.

  That's good news for moms like Lisa Heim.  She's also a Tatum I.S.D substitute teacher and Tatum High graduate.
  "It gives me a confident feeling knowing that each and every morning, when I bring my child to school, or I arrive here at work also, knowing that security is there, and knowing that confidence that outsiders can't come in.
  "Tatum I.S.D. along with everyone else, heightened the review of security measures in light of the recent events.
     Tatum I.S.D.'s superintendent Dr. Dee Hart says Monday, the district's Board of Trustees bought more than $200,000 dollars worth additional security measures for three of its campuses. The changes include fencing around the campuses, and security walls with buzz-in entry
  "The person cannot go beyond that unless they are allowed to by supervision of some staff members."
Heims says now her child can focus more on her studies instead of worrying about her safety.
  "My own child, I know she's going to be happy it's taking place and all because she is aware of what's been going on in the other surrounding schools and stuff."
Tatum I.S.D. is using money from its general fund to pay for the security upgrades which should be completed by this Fall.


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