Teen driving dangers

Teen driving dangers

TYLER (KYTX) - Texting while driving can have the same deadly outcome as drinking and driving.

In fact, Texas lawmakers are considering a bill banning you from texting behind the wheel.

Students at T.K. Gorman got a first hand look at what can happen when people make those mistakes.

Prom is Saturday night, and where that usually means make up, flowers and tuxes, it also means cell phones and alcoholic drinks.

Something called the"Every 15 Minutes" program today at Gorman showed students what it could mean if they were to make these bad decisions while driving.

Students walked out of class Friday and into the scene of a deadly crash in the parking lot, simulated, but still with a powerful impact.

"I was surprised how real it was and how many people came down from class and the effect was all over their faces," says Milan Chomp, a senior.

From laughing at the idea, to shock, hands covering their faces.

"Run into a car, these two in the car, he's flown out of the car," says Tyler Lamance.

"Very realistic because I'm actually going into a hearse. If you can imagine how scary that is," says Hunter Sattler.

Everyday, someone dies in a drinking and driving accident every 15 minutes, which is how the program got it's name, but there's more to the story.

"If not drinking and driving, chances are a crash is going to occur by a teenager from texting and driving," says Johnna Ragland.

How many of these cars were in a wreck because of texting and driving?

Textinganddrivingsafety.com says one in every four accidents is because someone is using their phone behind the wheel, and the National Safety Council says that results in 1.6 million wrecks every year.

"Everyone has just have to drill into their mind that it's not going to end well," says Ragland.

Johnna Ragland put together the simulation.

She says whether one of her friends is taken away in a medical helicopter because of texting, or drinking and driving, it's just not worth it.

"Crazy and shocking," says Chomp.

Something these teens agree on, after seeing exactly what it looks like on the other side of a bad decision.

The Texas House of Representatives did propose a bill earlier this week that would make texting and driving illegal.

It's now in the senate transportation committee but hasn't been voted on yet.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, texting and driving is as dangerous as drinking about four beers and getting behind the wheel.

According to the most recent state crash report in 2011, almost 3,200 wrecks were linked to cell phone use.

Forty people died in those crashes.


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