Texans Against Crime celebrations encourages communities to come together

TYLER (KYTX) - With the Texans Against Crime Celebration being just a week away, police are encouraging residents to leave their home and meet their neighbors to help make their communities safer.

"There is a little crime wave around here and I think that It would be very beneficial for each and every one of my neighbors to identify each other at least."

Terry Bonner lives in crime watch neighborhood in west Tyler , An area where residents pledge to work with police to keep an eye on crime.

His children are the main reason he wants to know his neighbors.

"When I'm letting my children play and frolick in the yard, it puts me at ease a little bit to at least know my neighbor's name and face."

And the statewide 'Texans Against Crime celebration' will give him the opportunity to do just that.

If you hold a crime prevention party, police will stop by to help the neighborhood get started.

"We're trying to get people to meet their neighbors, be proactive in crime prevention in their area and through these block parties everybody gets to know the people in their area."

A survey from NextDoor.com says 66 percent of homeowners feel safer when they know their neighbors, and 75 percent of those people polled say they felt that their communities would be safer if they communicated more with their neighbors.

"That way everybody keeps and eye out for things that are going on and people that shouldn't be around here."

"I had no knowledge that it was such a widespread thing and I'm really thinking about putting one together."

The Tyler Police Department say there are already 95 block parties scheduled, and if you would like to get a 'Texas Against Crime' block party scheduled in your neighborhood, you're encouraged to contact your local police department.




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