Texans will no longer need inspection stickers under new law

Texans will no longer need inspection stickers under new law

TYLER (KYTX) - Texas drivers are going to have one less sticker on their windshield -- thanks to a new state law. Starting March of 2015, inspection stickers will no longer be issued.CBS 19's Katiera Winfrey explains how the bill is now becoming a reality. 

The whole idea is to save the state of Texas $2 million a year in oversight and sticker costs. But you'll still need to get yearly inspections. The difference is now your registration sticker will serve as proof that you're up to date with your registration and inspection.

The two rectangular stickers drivers are used to seeing in the lower left corner of their windshield will eventually change to just one.

"It's kinda confusing, why don't they just leave it the way it is," said east Texas driver Michelle Hicks.

Starting in March 2015, the registration sticker will be alone. Last year, state law makers approved a bill that will eliminate the state inspection sticker.

"What i'm understanding is the sticker isn't gonna be there, but i have to be responsible for it being inspected," Hicks said.

She and all other Texas drivers will still have to pay the same cost to have the inspection performed, but state leaders say drivers will notice several benefits.

"You'll just have one date to remember,prevent inspection sticker fraud and theft, enhance inspection compliance, saving in tax payer money, and aesthetics, not have to have two stickers on the window," said Adam Shaivitz with the Texas DMV.

How the change is expected to work: drivers will get their usual yearly inspections, but instead of getting a sticker on your windshield, drivers will get get a printed inspection certificate for their personal records.

State approved inspection locations will then update inspection records electronically. That's how the DMV  knows you're up to date -- and you can get your registration sticker updated.

"I don't understand the purpose of it, but you know hey, I'll do what they say," Hicks said.

DMV representatives say, once it all goes into motion, there's sure to be less confusion.

The state department of motor vehicles is working with all the other agencies involved --to finalize the implementation process. Sometime this year, they'll start providing comprehensive and educational information -- to better aid workers and drivers about the change.


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