Texas ranked 12th best state to retire

(KYTX) - If you didn't already know you live in a great state, here's another incentive to settle down in Texas... Bankrate.com released its list of best places to retire. Texas ranked 12!

The list is based off of a number of factors, including medical, taxes, crime, climate and cost of living.

Local retirees say Tyler, especially, has a wonderful retirement community.

Tom and Austine Kenner have lived in Tyler pretty much their whole lives.

"Never looked back. I love this place. What's not to like?"

The couple says the Rose City has a countless number of attractions that have kept them here all these years.

"We have a great selection of restaurants here." says Austine. "We have a great selection of live entertainment."

The Kenners says staying active and involved with their community keeps them young.

"One thing to die is to sit down in a recliner in front of a TV."

That's certainly not on their to-do list.

"They want to have fun, they want to enjoy their retirement, so we have so many great attractions. We have a lot of great golfing, lakes."

Susan Travis is with the Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau. She says the East Texas Council of Government certified Tyler as the first retirement city in the State of Texas.

"Housing, including taxes, property taxes are very low."

For Brent and Maggie Hendrix, the weather was a big draw.

"We wanted some place warm to retire to." says Maggie. "We did a lot of searching and Tyler met a lot of our needs."

Moving here from Ohio, Brent says the warm weather has been easier on his body.

"Cold weather- anybody who has arthritis, which I do in my spine- just tears you up."

But, he's getting great medical care here.

"The healthcare in the area... just the community in itself."

Brent says they really can't say enough positive things about Tyler.

"Medical, the community has welcomed us with open arms, and we love it here." says Maggie. 

"There's a lot of great cities to retire in, but I think Tyler is the best." says Travis. 

According to this same report, the top three places to retire are Tennessee, Louisiana, and South Dakota.

The worst were Washington, Alaska Oregon.


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