Texas woman using Facebook to search for her biological parents

Texas woman using Facebook to search for her biological parents

TYLER (KYTX) - A Texas woman, who was born in Tyler and adopted by a Dallas couple, is using Facebook to find her birth parents.

So far, more than 4,000 people have shared Jessica Miller's Facebook post for help.

"I was born November 14th, 1980 at 7:07am at Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler," said Jessica Miller.

In February, Jessica Miller made this poster with information about her birth and a plea to help find her birth parents.

She posted it on Facebook, but decided not to show her face.

"The reason I didn't show my face is because I'm so shy," said Miller. 

Now, she's getting over her shyness and showing who she is, hoping someone here in East Texas will recognize her.

"I was put into foster care when I was about 3-days-old. So, I never even saw my birth parents," explained Miller.

Jessica only has a few medical records and a questionnaire filled out by her birth parents.

"I have some hospital records from Mother Frances, but most of the information is blacked out," said Miller.

Jessica recently found out her mother was born in August of 1956. She would have been 24 when Jessica was born.

The paperwork did reveal what her mother looked like at the time.

"Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was 5'3 and I'm 5'3 and I assume she looks like me," added Miller.

As for her father, she believes he would have been around the same age as her mother.

"It says that he had light hair and dark skin and that's all I know," said Miller.

Jessica was in foster care in Tyler for about two weeks before a couple from Dallas drove down and adopted her.

"My mom would rock me to sleep and tell me adoption means love," said Miller.

Love is exactly what Jessica says her adoptive parents have shown her.

In pictures, you can see a childhood full of happiness and joy. They've even been supportive in the search for her biological parents.

"I think they new I always wanted to find them," said Miller.

One of the main reasons Jessica wants to find her birth parents is because now she has a family of her own.

She has three young daughters and a son.

"My 3-year-old has blue eyes. My husband and I both have brown eyes. So, I want to know who in my family has blue eyes. Who has my nose?" asked Miller.

Jessica just found out a couple of days ago, through some records, that her biological mother has two other children who are older than her.

If you have any information, contact Jessica at waitingpatiently1980@gmail.com



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