Thanksgiving travel safety

(KYTX) -  This Thanksgiving many people will be visiting close family and friends. AAA estimates 43.6 million people are traveling. Most of them will be hitting the road, but part of being travel-ready is making sure your car is safe to drive.

"Key issues are tires- proper inflation, wear, as well as wiper blades and windshield, and fluid levels."

James Fitzgerald with Peltier Chevrolet says you can make sure all those things are in check by doing a simple walk around your car.

"You can kind of look at your tires. Make sure they look like they're properly inflated."

Gwen Spadie says she plans on doing that before her three hour drive to Oklahoma this Thanksgiving.

"We're probably going to check the PSI on them, make sure they're topped off." she says.

"Another good thing too because it's getting dark earlier, is go ahead and turn on your headlights, and make sure all your turn signals, and your marker lights and your headlights and everything work, so that way you can see where you're going." says Fitzgerald.

And there are several things you should take with you on your trip.

"Obviously a flashlight in case something happens, you always have a good light. Maybe a screwdriver or pair of pliers. And also, a good clean rag so in a situation where you need to clean a windshield so you can see better."

Fitzgerald says planning ahead is important.

"This would be the time to come in if you have any little issues or something that you feel unsafe about." he says.

That way your vacation can be stress free.

"Having a breakdown in the car is probably one of the single most stressful things that could go wrong." says Spadie. "And, over a holiday, we just- the idea is to get away and relax."

And, good news for drivers. AAA is estimating the price of gas will drop by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.


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