The Safety Measures One ETX Bounce House Business Wants Every Parent to Take

The Safety Measures One ETX Bounce House Business Wants Every Parent to Take

TYLER (KYTX) -- Two children are seriously hurt after the wind carried a bounce house 20 feet into the air for a life-threatening terror-ride. The 5 and 6 year old boys are recovering after being dumped out of the bounce house and onto the ground. But what went wrong? Those with an East Texas bounce house business say there are some things every parent should ask before letting their child play in one of these devices.

There were terrifying moments outside an apartment complex in South Glens Falls, New York Monday as the wind carries a bounce house as high as 20 feet into the air. The boys landed about 50 feet apart and they were seriously hurt. Someone who lived at the apartment complex put up the bounce house for children in the neighborhood.

Pamela Bassham with Space Walk Tyler said, "I was devastated. I kept thinking was it set up properly?"

Bassham says it's not enough just to stake down the bounce house but to do it correctly. That means getting anchors completely in the ground at a 45 degree angle and sometimes getting stakes larger than those that come with the bounce house. Also never leave a child in one alone. Bassham said, "we want to make sure that kids aren't being unsafe, that they are being supervised."

Finally never put up a bounce house in windy conditions. "If winds go above 20 miles per hour we tell people drop the unit, wait for it to calm down," Bassham told us.

They'll even cancel an event if necessary. Bassham told us, "we might disappoint a few people but I'd much rather do that than send someone to the ER."

It's all because no one wants to see a child they love, in a situation like this again.

If you're renting a bounce house from a company Bassham says make sure that company is insured and licensed.


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