Third Tyler ISD Whooping Cough Case

TYLER (KYTX) - Abigail Price knows her fellow classmates who have gotten sick.

"She had just sat down with me on the bus and she wasn't coughing really bad, but she was coughing, and since it's contagious, I bet- I hope that nobody else gets it at our school." says Abigail.

But, the mother of one child diagnosed with whooping cough says even though her daughter was vaccinated, she got it anyway. She says she couldn't believe it. Brandy didn't want us to reveal her full name or show her face to protect her daughter's privacy, but she's concerned about her child's health.

"She's not even coughing very often, it's just that when she coughs, it's a pretty intense cough to where she loses her breath and makes that traditional whooping sound, you know, catching her breath." says Brandy.

Now, she has a warning for other moms.

"Even if your child has been immunized, they can still get this illness. I had no idea. And, if your child has any cold-like symptoms, sneezing, coughing, headache, anything like that- even if it's just a mild cough- they cough very occasionally, take them in to be tested." she says.

Dr. Danny Price is a pediatrician at St. Paul Children's Clinic and a father of two children at Andy Woods Elementary.

He's says he'll be keeping a closer eye on them after this latest case.

"If they have a cough that's particularly hard or lasting longer than a few weeks, not responding to their allergy medications, then we may consider taking them in to get a Prussia test done, but at this point, they're happy and healthy, going to school with no problems." says Dr. Price.



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