Titus County wraps-up warrant round up

TITUS COUNTY (KYTX) - Friday marked the final day for Titus County and Mount Pleasant residents with outstanding warrants to make their payments before police officers come knocking on their doors.

Most of the warrants in this region have been issued for traffic violations as opposed to criminal offenses. News reports and notices have been issued over the past several weeks to remind individuals to take care of their outstanding warrants.

Those wishing to resolve their debts have been encouraged to contact both the municipal and justice of the peace courts.

Law Enforcement from across the state are joining together in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, which begins March 2. Mount Pleasant and Titus County Officers serve warrants year-round; however, this statewide effort is an attempt to get individuals to come in voluntarily to take care of overdue citations.

The reason for giving the two week notice was to not inconvenient someone that's been issued a warrant. If law enforcement has to arrest you to take care of a traffic warrant you might have to miss work, your vehicle might get impounded and you may have to explain to your family and friends as to why you're in jail.

There is an easy and simply way to take care of a warrant. All you have to do is contact the court for your unpaid citations. You still have time but in the process we will now be looking for those who have not taken care of their warrants for traffic violations.

Starting Saturday, officers will start knocking on doors and making arrests of anyone who has not resolved their debt.


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