TJC president blogs in Huffington Post


TYLER (KYTX) - A local college president is making headlines- well, bylines, really. The newest college advice blogger for Huffington Post is Dr. Mike Metke. He's president of Tyler Junior College.

He says he got an email from the Huffington Post asking him to be a contributor. He says, at first, he thought it was just a scam. He asked his staff to check it out. Sure enough, it was legitimate. But even then, Dr. Metke says he didn't know if he was prepared to take on blogging and share his college advice on a worldwide platform.

As president of Tyler Junior College, Dr. Mike Metke has many roles and responsibilities. But, he says blogging about college advice for the world is a first.

"Huffington Post had invited me to do a blog, and I thought, 'oh, do I want to do this? and, how much time would it take?'"

It took some convincing from his staff and a humbling reality check before he finally agreed.

"They said, 'really, this is the way people are communicating. They're not going to read a scholarly paper if you write one.'"

But, people do seem to be reading his blog. His latest post this month, "Six Things a College Recruiter Won't Tell You," has been liked by more than 300 people on Facebook.

Dr. Metke hopes his advice is valuable to students.

"Many times, students who really, either don't have the ability to benefit from what's being offered, or it's not the right course to study, it really doesn't matter to the recruiter." he says. "They just want you in the school paying those high costs."

TJC freshman Nyaisha London says she welcomes any advice.

"As a freshman, you walk around, don't know who to ask for help. And, it's kind of awkward."

Dr. Metke wrote his first post in august about campus safety and security.

"Colleges are really struggling with how to provide a safe, nurturing environment. I think TJC took the lead." he says.

"There's a lot of friendly people." says London. 

Up next, helpful information for students on financial aid. Dr. Metke says we should be on the lookout for that post in a couple weeks.

"It's been fun!" he says. "So often, my desk is filled with forms and piled up with paperwork. And, it's fun to be able to write something."


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