Tornado Relief


   Hauling in hundreds of bags, and sorting items into hundreds of boxes. all for the  victims in Moore, Oklahoma. 
    Bob Wheeler Jr. Says that he never planned to have something this major, but once he announced he was going, East Texans responded.
   "I just posted it up on Facebook "hey, any of you guys wanna go with me to Oklahoma, and it just exploded from there" - Bob Wheeler Jr.
  He says the community responded with everything from money to toys.
     "Underwear, feminine products, teddy bears, you name it" - Wheeler
   A variety of supplies and comforts for those who lost everything.
    He says his group will travel to Oklahoma with tents, and barbeque grills Friday and stay the entire weekend.
    They'll camp out on the lawn of a church associated with Wheeler's church in Longview.
    That church also connected Wheeler and the volunteers with three families who need help cleaning up after the tornado.
   "We have 3 families who's house were completely leveled. So we are going to go and clear out their lot."
    "Wheeler says the volunteers going with him are either paying their own way, or being sponsored by others in the community --- all to give away these boxes" 
    "Cause I know if it were me in the situation, I'd want someone to do it for me" Angela Harkins, Volunteer
 Longview business owners have also pitched in.
   El Sombrero is giving money, items, and labor to the cause. 
   "We're always looking to help people in need" - Mike Kittner, Owner
   "Everybody wanted to do something, but nobody knew how. As soon as I said something, people went absolutely crazy."
The group will head back Sunday afternoon.



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