Traffic safety for the rainy weather and potential floods

(KYTX) -   There's no severe flooding in our area yet -- but this storm is expected to bring several inches of water, which historically means flooding to lots of streets.
We all know it's frustrating having to avoid all these flooded roads, but doing so could save your life. 

The Department of Public Safety even has a saying for this type of situation. We've all heard it before but it's worth repeating: troopers ask you to "turn around don't drown."

This is a warning that comes after lots of local incidents here in East Texas.

Just last month a woman tried to drive through a flooded county road, and had to be pulled from her car as it filled with water.  

"What's important for motorists to remember: if they don't know then they shouldn't go. If they don't know how deep the water is driving on wet roads like this, now is not the time to find out how deep it is," says Trooper Jean Dark.

Cars can start to float in just a few inches of water, so especially out in rural areas where flooding is more common, plan out alternate routes just in case. 

Something interesting you may not know, you should never drive in the rain with your cruise control on. 

That can lead to hydroplaning and could make you lose control of your car, especially when you're going fast on the freeway.

In Tyler, Courtney Friendman CBS 19 news. 

When you're driving in the rain, don't forget to keep your headlights on, so other people on the road can see you.

Give the person in front of you extra room. It takes longer to stop your car on wet roads. 


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