Trees keepin' it real this Christmas

TYLER (KYTX) - Real or fake? It's a popular question this time of year and yes, we're talking about Christmas trees! CBS 19's Amanda Roberson has more on this great debate and explains how it seems finding the perfect Christmas tree is still a big tradition.

Plenty of people are keeping it real this Christmas, with real Christmas trees. CBS 19 spoke with a variety of Christmas tree retailers in East Texas Wednesday and they said sales are either the same or up from years past.

"We usually go with about a six foot, seven foot, just a regular green tree," explained Mike Lee of Canton, and that's exactly what he found when he went tree shopping in Tyler. "Let's go with this one right here, all right. Better get it quick before I change my mind!"

While he knows what he wants, buying the real deal is still fairly new to his family.

"We've had artificial trees in the past but decided to with real trees for the past two years," Lee said. "The smell is really what I like about the real tree. The wife doesn't like the clean-up, it is a mess."

But Oregon Christmas Tree Farm owner Pat Singleton has been selling trees in Tyler 13 seasons and said there are plenty of people who go real, mess or not. "Gosh I hear it from my customers all the time that's all they've ever had and they'd never consider artificial."

To flock or not to flock may be the question. This tree farm said sales are about 50/50 when it comes to people choosing white or green trees.

The white spray coating is non-flammable and both trees can be decomposed at the end of the season. Singleton said a lot of times it comes down to the kids on what kind of tree the family will have. "There might be one kid in the family that wants a flocked tree and the others don't, but it's his year to choose and that's what they get." 

From two feet tall to 15 feet, all of his trees come from the northwest and he said even those who do buy artificial find their way into his tent. "They buy the fresh wreaths or they buy the bows or good fresh garlands just so it gives them that Christmas smell at their house."  

One other plus to having the real deal - trees are green in more ways than just the color. Nearly 400-million Christmas trees are continuously growing on farms in the USA and American Christmas tree farms provide over 500-thousand acres of wildlife habitat, renewed air and green space.

Real trees do require upkeep that artificial trees do not. Since they are living things, these trees need water. Double check the water bowl stand every couple days to make sure the trees aren't thirsty and now that the heaters are running make sure trees aren't in the direct path of a vents heat. That will dry them out even sooner.


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