Trinity police rescue 6-month-old boy from locked car in afternoon heat

Released by Trinity Police Department

TRINITY/TRINITY COUNTY (KYTX) - TPD Officers responded to the Brookshire Brother's parking lot. It was reported a grandmother had accidentally locked her keys in the vehicle with her six month old grandson. Chief Jones was the first on scene an immediately made the decision to have the window broken out of the vehicle. Using his asp baton, Sgt. Wheeler, was able to break out the driver's window. The child was safely returned to the grandmother and, at the grandmother's request, checked out and cleared by paramedics.

Thankfully, the child was ok in the incident. But there is something to be learned from it. The grandmother mistakenly only thought he had been in the vehicle for approximately 10 minutes. Chief Jones reviewed the store camera system and found that the child was actually locked in the vehicle for approximately 28 minutes. Based on a study conducted by the Department of Geosciences at the San Francisco State University; at an outside temperature of 80 degrees after 30 minutes the inside of the vehicle becomes 114 degrees. Today the temperature was around 98 degrees. You do the math!

The grandmother called for her husband to bring another key and was doing what she thought best, but if you lock your child in the vehicle or you see a child locked in a vehicle, then please treat it as an emergency and notify law enforcement via 911 or directly call your local office.

We have attached some information from to the San Francisco State University Department of Geosciences data. You may be shocked at what the statistics you find there.

One Decision (Child Safety Film – Vehicular Heatstroke) link:


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