Triumph passengers welcomed home to East Texas

Triumph passengers welcomed home to East Texas

Tyler ((KYTX)) -- After an 8-hour bus ride and 5 grueling hours driving back from Galveston Connie Adams and Cornelia Bowles know what it means to be home sweet home in Kilgore.

"I'm going to take a hot bath, and soak," Bowles, a passenger on Carnival's Triumph, laughed.

Larry Adams says the constant anxiety about the safety of his wife hasn't been easy.

"Not knowing when I'm going to see my wife, or if I'm going to see her. I wasn't sleeping," Larry said.

The mother and daughter were in just as bad of conditions.

"Since the toilet systems were down, we'd have to do #1 in the shower and #2 in a red bags," Connie said.

They remember first hearing something was wrong. 

"What was so funny is they described it as a 'situation'. It was never a fire," Connie said.

That situation meant spending hours in line waiting for food. "I had a cucumber and onion sandwich. Everything was cold, except for the cold drinks, they were hot," Connie said.

And no electricity. "Some of it was boredom. You can imagine at night, you can't see anything. There are no lights to do anything," Bowles said.

The ladies say they won't let one bad cruise, ruin their tradition. It always helps to be welcomed home by a late Valentine's Day spread of wine, flowers, chocolate, and love.

"Life's really short and you need to tell those you're close to, that you love them everyday," Larry said.


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