Trophy-sized Catches a Bigger Possibility

Trophy-sized Catches a Bigger Possibility

CLAYTON (KYTX) - Texas Parks and Wildlife specialists around the state want to increase fishing tourismBefore he could drive a car, Delane Bird was driving boats. The 15 year old has been fishing Lake Murvaul since he was 2 years old.   Bird  says bass fishing is the best way to spend his summer.

"You get to move a lot more, it's more active than any other fishing." - Delane Bird, Fisherman

 Biologist Timothy Bister with Ttexas Parks and Wildlife is hoping more fishermen come along. TPW biologists released 170,000 Florida Largemouth Bass into Lake Murvaul, and almost a million more around Texas. Bister says the fish get much larger than the  Texas species and is intended for anglers who want to take home trophy-sized fish.

"Folks that like to fish for big bass, and those that really want the trophy potential, the Florida Bass are the only ways to get there. " - Tim Bister, Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas was first introduced to the species in 1971, however the fish has been breeding with Texas fish, diluting the genes needed for large bass..  14 lakes are receiving a rejuvenation of the gene pool. These little guys can grow more than 21 inches and up to 18 pounds. TPW has limits on these fish to help preserve trophy potential.  

"The reason we have a protected slot limit is so fish can grow to at least 14 in. That way we can grow them, and protect them from harvest to get to the trophy level."


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