TSA delays policy allowing small knives

Small Knives Delay

(KYTX) - If you're going to be flying soon, remember to leave your pocket knife at home. The TSA has decided to delay a plan that would allow passengers to carry small knives, bats and other sports equipment on board.

The TSA says it is delaying the ruling to consider additional input from a federal advisory committee that includes aviation-related interests, passenger advocates, and law enforcement.

Small knives are among the most commonly confiscated items at security checkpoints in airports. In fact, about 50 of them are taken up from passengers every day at LAX.

That was all supposed to change Thursday.

A TSA ruling would have allowed people to carry knives with blades 2.36 inches or shorter and less than a half-inch wide, as long as the blade is not fixed or does not lock into place.

"It's very scary, so I would say, probably not the best thing to take on an airplane because you just never know."

Sandra Tamez is glad the TSA is holding off on allowing small knives.

"I don't know how everybody's like in the world and there's obviously people who are targeting airplanes and other individuals." she says.

The TSA isn't saying whether recent events in Boston influenced the decision for the delay. But, it is believed Al Qaeda used box cutters to gain control of four jetliners in the September 11 attacks.

Since then, a whole host of small, sharp objects have been banned from flights.

"You're judging the may for the few." says Wyatt Brooks.

He doesn't see the problem with a small pocket knife.

"Don't judge everything by what's happened. You know, we're still Americans. There's a way that we do things."

He says having a pocket knife handy could save lives. It helped him save his son in a car wreck.

"I'd have had to wait on the paramedics to get there. And, because of that pocket knife, I was able to cut the seatbelt and get my son out of that vehicle." he says.

"That seems so innocent." says Tamez. "But, you don't know if everybody is the same as you."

TSA administrator John Pistole has argued in the past that lifting this ban on small knives would allow security to spend more time focusing on explosives and more dangerous weapons.

The TSA did not give a new date for the policy to take effect.


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