Tyler couple gets new roof through Habitat for Humanity

New Roof

TYLER (KYTX) - A Tyler couple is grateful for some much needed community help. Joyce and Terry Cuba have lived without a stable roof over their heads for more than a decade.  But, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, they'll be prepared for the next storm.

When most East Texans are thankful for a rainstorm, Joyce and Terry Cuba always dreaded it.

More than 10 years ago, this tree snapped and fell on their roof. Terry says he's been dealing with leaking water ever since. The Vietnam War veteran has gotten by using plastic to keep the rain from falling in.

"We were having medical problems at the same time." he says. "My wife had breast cancer, a stroke, and then she had open heart surgery first. And, I came along and had colon cancer. And, medical bills ate us up."
The Cubas had fallen on hard times.

"It was tough."

But now, he says they're doing a lot better.

"God works in mysterious ways. We happened to meet some people at Habitat."

"The damage was so extensive. It was basically unlivable. This is damage from not having a roof." says Raimund Gideon, director of construction for Habitat.

He's taken charge of this project. And, last week, the Cubas got a new roof.

"What we basically had to do is rip all the rafters off the roof and decking because it was all rotten. And so, the first step was get the house to where it would weather well." says Gideon. "Mold leads to respiratory issues. It's just a very unhealthy living condition."
He says his work has just started, but Joyce and Terry are finally on their way to having a safe place to live.

"It makes us feel good. And, knowing that we have people like Raimund and others in there who are doing good work. And, we thank god for them and hope they continue." says Terry.

The Cubas say it's comforting to know they'll be covered- literally- when the next big storm hits.


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