Tyler couple receiving home repairs

Home Repair

TYLER (KYTX) - The rain is no longer a worry for one Tyler couple. They recently received a new roof through the help of Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, but that was just the beginning of their home repairs...

"Basically, we had to come in and redo everything."

The cabinets and most of the kitchen have been gutted.

"You've got rot damage behind the sink."

The house is no longer heated by a stove...

"Everything in here needed to be replaced. The bathtubs were leaking..."

Joyce and Terry Cuba say they're looking forward to having a much safer, more livable home in the next few weeks.

"It'll be great, awesome, yeah. That's the correct word, awesome."

The upgrades keep coming, and Raimund Gideon with Habitat for Humanity admits, it's been a huge undertaking.

"Usually on houses of this age, there's a lot of damage that's not seen. You start taking something out and you uncover a lot of termite damage and rot damage and stuff like that."

But he's happy to help- through grants, donations, and support from local businesses and organizations.

"It's part of my job. It's something where I get to put back into the community and facilitate a need for people who are living in a house that's just not very livable."
The Cubas say this proves there's something to be thankful for every day.

"It's great, you know, in America, so much is going on now that every time you look around there's so much bad stuff showing out there. But, this is something good that's showing. And, I thank God for it."

They're counting their blessings one act of kindness at a time.



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