Tyler Librarians encourage readers to read for "Banned Books Week"

Tyler Librarians encourage readers to read for "Banned Books Week"

TYLER (KYTX) - It's a week to challenge censorship of the books you read. The 31st National Banned Books Week is going on this week. Librarians nationwide are asking people to read books that have been challenged or banned.

It's a page in history that hasn't been turned. Books are still being banned as they have for decades.

"I think there will always be a point where people feel they need to challenge a book," said UT Tyler public affairs for Muntz Library spokesperson Alma Ravanell.

For the past 30 years the American Library Association has been working to change that.
"Every library should have something that offends everyone," said Mary Vernau with the Tyler Public Library.

By holding banned book week, bookstores and libraries across the country are encouraging people to open their minds and read books that have been deemed "unsuitable" and decide for themselves.

But everyone doesn't agree.

"I do think there are some books that shouldn't be in any library," said UT Tyler student Laura Lee Hoit.
She said many things are banned on political incorrectness when they should be banned on moral incorrectness.

Librarians ask who gets to decide what is and isn't moral.

In these days of technology when books, magazines, TV shows and movies are available online with virtually no restrictions, some question whether censorship will make any difference anyway.

" it's up to the parents to instill those values they want those children to know."

But other say someone has to do it for the sake of innocence.

Hoit said, authors should be more responsible about what they submit to the public in the first place.
They types of books that typically make the do not red list are singled out for offensive language, sexually explicit material, homosexuality, violence, religious viewpoints, drugs and picture or descriptions of nudity.



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