Tyler Police Department holds annual awards banquet

TYLER (KYTX) - The Tyler Police Department held its Annual Awards Banquet on Friday night at the U.T. Tyler Ornelas Center.

During the ceremony, employees of the Tyler Police Department along with civilians were honored for their actions and service to the City of Tyler.

 The winners included:

 Officer of the Year - Officer Ethan Johnson

 This year's Officer of the Year is highly respected and exhibits the utmost professionalism in the image he presents for the Tyler Police Department. This officer has only been with the department for 3 years but in that short time has exhibited his strong work ethic and willingness to help others. He works well with both citizens and officers and strives to make the city a better place. He works well in a team environment and continually strives to be a better officer. This officer always takes the time to help new officers and offer assistance wherever he can. Please join me as we recognize this year's Officer of the Year, Officer Ethan Johnson.

 Rookie of the Year - Officer Brandon Lott

The Rookie of the Year award is presented to an officer who has less than two years of service as an officer with the department and does not have previous law enforcement experience. New officers have to make the adjustment from being civilians to Tyler Police Officers and all that entails. The officer selected as Rookie of the Year this year is a hard worker, is highly motivated to do his job and is knowledgeable of the law and his duties. He has been the first on scene in hostile situations and responded like a veteran officer. He has quickly earned the respect of his fellow officers by listening and learning from those around him and distinguishing himself as a standout officer.

We are proud to have this officer working for the Tyler Police Department: the 2012 Rookie Officer of the Year is presented to Brandon Lott.

 Plainclothes Officer of the Year - Detective Royce Jordan

The qualifications for nomination for this award exemplify an investigator whose effectiveness is highly rated. This investigator must divide his time between numerous detailed investigations while maintaining a high rate of case clearances. This investigator is an exceptional detective despite the fact that his caseload can often be overwhelming. He is always eager to help any officer or citizen. He does a thorough job of investigating forgeries and frauds that can often be tedious, long-term investigations with no recognition at the end. Despite all that he has on his desk he always has an excellent attitude, a smile, and often a "Royceism" that will make you laugh. It is with great pleasure the Tyler Police Department proudly presents Investigator Royce Jordan as the 2012 Plainclothes Officer of the Year.

Sworn Supervisor of the Year – Lieutenant Russell Jacks

One of the more demanding jobs with the Tyler Police Department is that of Sworn Supervisor.  The supervisor selected for this year's award has earned the respect of the officers; other supervisors; and civilians throughout the police department. This year's Sworn Supervisor of the Year has been with the department for 19 years and currently serves as evening shift lieutenant and leader of the SWAT Team. He serves as a great leader for the department and does not expect anything from officers that he does not expect from himself. He listens and is always happy to assist with any concerns that officers may have. He serves not only by supervising patrol but by leading through his actions and his demeanor. The Tyler Police Department is proud to recognize Lieutenant Russell Jacks as the Sworn Supervisor of the Year.

Unit of the Year - Bike Unit:

The Unit of the Year for 2012 is comprised of a group of motivated officers that work hard eliminating problem areas of the city. This group works closely with every unit at the police department and is always at special events throughout the city. This unit must constantly change their schedules to accommodate what is happening in the city and work different areas depending on where problems are occurring. The Tyler Police Department is proud to present the 2012 Unit of the Year award to the Bicycle Unit.

Civilian Employee of the Year – Michael Cox

This year's Civilian Employee of the Year represents the Tyler Police Department in a highly efficient and professional manner. This employee has worked for the Tyler Police Department for over 14 years. He is an excellent team player and gets along with everyone. He is hard working and is always willing to handle any assignment that comes his way. He is always willing to assist other city departments and is friendly and respectful to everyone he meets. He is a Public Service Officer that takes pride in his work. We are pleased to award this year's Civilian Employee of the Year to Michael Cox.

Civilian Supervisor of the Year – Erin Walker

The Civilian Supervisor of the Year is an individual who has the reputation of integrity and professional standards along with being dedicated to her employees and the Tyler Police Department. She is a great dispatcher and supervisor and is very concerned about officer safety. She is always upbeat and friendly and is willing to answer questions and help in any way that she can. The Tyler Police Department is proud to present the Civilian Supervisor of the Year Award to Erin Walker.

Volunteer of the Year – Chaplin Jerry Page

Our Volunteer of the year for 2012 has been volunteering his time as a chaplain and often rides out with officers. He always comes in with a wonderful attitude and a greeting for everyone that he sees. He has logged countless hours and is always available whenever he is needed. He is professional, caring and compassionate while performing his duties and truly has a heart for what he does. We are pleased to recognize our 2012 Volunteer of the Year, Chaplain Jerry Page.

Tyler Patrolman's Association Awards:

 President's Award – Mr. Roddey Hogan CPA

Excellence in Policing Award – Detective David Cook

Tyler Police Department Awards

Life Saving Award: Officer Jason Compton

On May 19, 2012, Officer Jason Compton was traveling home after his shift. Officer Compton heard radio traffic that indicated an emergency situation near his location. Officer Compton called dispatch and was advised that a white male was found lying in the roadway with stab wounds and was bleeding badly. Officer Compton ran to his vehicle and retrieved his medical pouch. As Officer Compton had citizens remove the shirt they were using to slow the blood loss he saw six stab wounds to the man's chest. Officer Compton immediately applied a quick clot bandage and medical gauze directly to the puncture wounds.

Officer Compton continued to apply pressure and reassure the victim. Officer Compton talked to the victim regarding what had happened and was told that the man had stabbed himself. Officer Compton was able to get the man to point to where the knife was and have information regarding the wounds when EMS arrived. Due to Officer Compton's quick action the man was able to make a full recovery from his injuries.

The Tyler Police Department is proud to present a LIFE SAVING BAR to Officer Jason Compton.

Life Saving Award: Officer Johnny Green

On June 29, 2012, Officer Johnny Green was dispatched to a stabbing. Officer Green arrived on scene quickly and contacted a witness. Officer Green advised the witness to wait for other officers so he could continue on and find the victim. Officer Green followed a blood trail to the victim's apartment. Officer Green found the victim on the floor of her apartment in a pool of blood. Officer Green immediately applied pressure to a laceration of the side of the victim's neck. As Officer Green tried to stop the bleeding the victim began to choke. Officer Green turned the victim's head while applying pressure to allow the victim's airway to stay open. Officer Green stayed with the victim talking to her and trying to comfort her until EMS arrived. Due to Officer Green's quick action the woman was taken to the hospital and rushed into surgery and later recovered from her injuries.

The Tyler Police Department is proud to present a LIFE SAVING BAR to Officer Johnny Green.

Life Saving Award: Public Safety Officer Rebekah Hill

On November 16, 2012, PSO Rebekah Hill, was traveling home after her shift. As Hill traveled toward her home she saw officers on the scene of a major accident. Hill stopped to assist. The accident involved a van and a truck. The driver of the van had been pronounced at the scene and it was believed that there were no other passengers in the vehicle. Hill searched the area to assure that no passengers had been ejected from the vehicle. As Hill searched she heard movement from the vehicle. Hill discovered a passenger in the front seat of the van who was still moving and breathing. Hill quickly contacted officers on the scene along with EMS. The passenger was extricated from the vehicle and rushed to the hospital where he later recovered from his injuries. Due to Hill's dedication to her job even when not on duty and her thorough search of the area a man's life was saved.

For her actions and diligence to save a life, the Tyler Police Department is proud to present the LIFE SAVING award to PSO Rebekah Hill.

Certificate of Merit:

Officer Clay Allen

On 06/06/2012 an elderly adult was reported missing by his family. Officers searched for the missing man but were unable to locate him as a thunderstorm moved through the area hindering the search. As morning arrived the man had still not been located. Officer Clay Allen went through an area that consisted of an oilfield road in search of the elderly man. Allen went as far as his vehicle would take him and then went in search on foot. Allen found the missing man on his back in a pile of brush where he laid all night through the storm. Due to Allen's persistence and thorough search a beloved father and friend was found safely.

The Tyler Police Department is proud to have Officer Allen as a member of their team and is honored to present the Certificate of Merit to Officer Clay Allen.

Certificate of Merit:

Communications Evening Shift Supervisor Erin Walker

On December 20, 2012, Evening Shift Dispatch Supervisor Erin Walker answered a 911 emergency call from a suicidal person. At first the caller did not want to speak but with Walker's patient and calm manner she was able to get the caller to speak with her. Walker discovered that the caller was depressed and wanted to kill himself. Walker was able to get the caller to tell her where he was in his apartment and that he had a loaded handgun on his person.

Walker convinced the man to put the gun down and wait in another room without the weapon so he could speak with officers. The man told the officer on scene that he fully intended to commit suicide and only called the police so that his family would not find his body. He advised that the dispatcher that he spoke with convinced him not to kill himself. Walker's willingness to remain on the telephone and provide positive reassurance prevented a suicide and her attention to officer safety is truly commendable.

The Tyler Police Department is proud to present the Certificate of Merit to Erin Walker.

Citizens Certificate of Merit:

John Craig – Citizens Certificate of Merit

On April 27, 2012, John Craig, a Wal-Mart employee, was having lunch at Whataburger. One of his fellow employees had been followed to the establishment. As she approached the business the suspect grabbed her purse. She clung to the purse as the suspect dragged her closer to his vehicle. John Craig was advised of the struggle outside and ran to the victim's aid. Craig grabbed the suspect to keep him from getting into the car with the victim's purse and helped hold the suspect until police arrived. Craig showed true character when faced with a dangerous situation and the Tyler Police Department is honored that Craig is a part of our city.

The Tyler Police Department is proud to present the Citizen Certificate of Merit to John Craig.





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