Tyler police handing out report cards. Would you pass?

TYLER (KYTX) - Tyler police officer Kenneth Caudle has been spending his afternoons walking around busy store parking lots.

He's looking inside cars and trucks and leaving a report card on the windshield, based on what they have inside.

"This is an ideal fail. There's a flat screen TV, some type of briefcase or satchel that's unlocked," said Officer Caudle while pointing at a car.

If you fail Officer Caudle's report card, you won't have to pay a fine or go to court.

You'll just get a friendly reminder to watch what you leave in your car, because thieves are watching, ready to take what they want.

"People are just getting in too much of a hurry , just need to slow down, and be aware of their surroundings," said Officer Caudle.

Dr. Aubrey Sharpe didn't get a ticket, he got a report card with a failing grade.

"He was right. My radar detector is a dead giveaway and they like to steal those. I'm going to go hide everything I got," said Dr. Sharpe

Jenifer Artea didn't pass either.

"It said I failed because I left keys in the car," said Artea.

But, she wasn't upset that she flunked the test.

"I think its really good what they're doing. It helps people out," said Artea.

Tyler police officers are not the only people handing out these report cards.

Volunteers also help with the grading and will pass out report cards in apartment complexes and other busy parking lots.



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