Tyler runner recalls Boston Marathon Bombing; was blocks away

Tyler runner recalls Boston Marathon Bombing; was blocks away

TYLER (KYTX) -  One of our own Tyler community members was blocks away from the Boston Marathon finish line when bombs began to explode.

81-year-old marathon runner Harold Wilson has run 15 marathons, the majority of which, have been completed in Boston.

He's won a lot of trophies and medals, but crossing last year's finish line has stained a different kind of memory in his mind. 

"I was about two blocks from the first bomb. I had crossed the finish line," Wilson says. "We heard the boom and saw the smoke and thought it was some kind of celebration. Then a few seconds later, another one went off. A big ball of smoke!"

It was then he realized it wasn't a celebration, but an attack.

"By that time you begin to see people running down the street with pretty wide eyes. You could tell the fear was in their face," Wilson remembers. 

"Between all the sirens, ambulances, fire, police, helicopters, we got out."

A year later, it still haunts him that not everyone did.

"It's engraved in my mind. It will be there forever."

However, the 81-year-old is a fighter and says, living in fear is no way to live.

Wilson took first place for 80 and up in last year's Boston Marathon. That means he's automatically qualified for this year's race and he plans to run in it on Monday. 

Nothing can come between Wilson and his love for running, but as he prepares for Monday's big race, he's making lots of room for prayer, for those lost one year ago.

"I still bring back the memories you know? I hope it never happens again," he says. 

Wilson got some marathon pamphlets in the mail earlier this month, and says a whole section outlines the intense security measures that will be taken this year.


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