Tyler small businesses closing: The Ripple Effect

Tyler small businesses closing: The Ripple Effect

TYLER (KYTX) - Just in the last month or so, we've watched about six locally-owned Tyler businesses close their doors. 

It's a devastating blow to the small business community, but there's also a ripple effect that impacts a lot of local charities in town too.

The Rack, Red's Fried Chicken, The Keys, Asian Grill, Joseph's, and now Caffe Tazza. It's a long list of small Tyler businesses that are now out of business.

"The whole city kind of loses it's identity when you lose your small businesses," says Fickle Baby boutique owner Kim Kennedy. 

The closings are frightening to Kennedy who has two youngsters and a business of her own to take care of.

"I think anyone would be lying to you if they told you, 'It doesn't concern me,'" she says.

Like so many local business owners Kennedy's concern is not just for her own store, but also for the Tyler community she's worked so hard to support.

"50 percent of the money you spend in small businesses stays local in the community. So these are pretty important statistics when you think about your child's school and needing local donations at that auction, or something like Mistletoe and Magic, all these local vendors that support Mistletoe and Magic," Kennedy says.

Lots of people don't realize how much local charities rely on small businesses for support and donations.

Fickle Baby alone donates around $10,000 every year to non-profits and schools. If you think about all the other local businesses in Tyler that do the same, that money adds up!

"American Heart Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, American Cancer Society, I mean there are just too many to name," Kennedy says.

When people don't shop at local stores, owners are faced with tough decisions.

"Unfortunately the first thing people cut is advertising and donations," Kennedy says. "You have to keep your staff employed first and foremost and you have to pay for your inventory, whatever you're producing."

She hopes she won't ever have to cut donations out of her budget, but she says in this industry, you just never know. 

Kennedy is very close with the other business owners here at The Market shopping center, and all over Tyler. She says sticking together and helping each other is what will bring customers here into the stores.

There is a Small Business Development Center in Tyler that offers support, resources, and even classes to small business owners, to help keep them on their feet. 

To find out more about the center, click here.


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