Tyler woman falls victim to IRS Scam

TYLER (KYTX) - Tyler Police recently took a report from a woman who was scammed out of a large sum of money after falling prey to a caller claiming to be an IRS agent..

Police said she was told that if she did not send them a large sum of money for back taxes owed, she and her husband would have warrants out for their arrest by the end of the day.

The suspect kept her on the phone all day giving her instructions on how to ultimately send the money to an unknown destination by utilizing the Green Dot Cards.

A scam artist loves to use two very popular ways of getting your money, Western Union, Money Gram and any form of loadable credit cards / debit cards. These include gift cards (Green Dot Card) or any other type of reloadable bank card.

Never send anyone money unless you have double checked and identified who you are sending the cash to. If they request any multiple transactions that includes multiple cash amounts, multiple cards, multiple wires, these are indicators of a scam in progress.

Here are the most popular scams in our area that we have received reports on recently:

1) IRS wants you to send them money for owed back taxes.

2) Failure to show for jury duty.

3) Family member in trouble with medical or arrest issues in or out of the country.

4) Lottery winner requiring them to pay the processing fees and taxes.

5) Investment scams (real-estate or business opportunities).

Always confirm all information that you have received from the caller with a trusted family member, local law enforcement authority, Better Business Bureau, before any transaction is completed.


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