Tyler's "Day of Resistance" against gun control

Tyler's "Day of Resistance" against gun control

TYLER (KYTX) - Gun rights activists around the country and right here in East Texas held a "Day of Resistance" Saturday in response to recent moves by the federal government to limit gun rights.

People traveled from all over the state to Rose City Flying Clays to rally for their rights.

On January 16, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden proposed actions like universal background checks on gun buyers, and restored bans on certain semi-automatic weapons.

In a recent speech in Minnesota, President Obama urged his audience to help push their congressmen towards gun control. He said, "Commonsense reforms like requiring universal background checks or restoring the ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines."

Those are several of President Obama's federal gun control actions announced in January, and they have some Americans fighting back.

"They're calling it Day of Resistance, peaceful resistance that our founders gave us in our constitution, the way to seek redress," said State Representative Bryan Hughes. He joined over 100 Texans gathered in Tyler seeking that redress - for gun control actions they say limit their constitutional rights.

Obama says, "There's no legislation to eliminate all guns; there's no legislation being proposed to subvert the Second Amendment."

However, many East Texans feel like that's exactly what's happening.

"They're infringing upon our history, our future, and everything we stand for as independent people who are able to protect ourselves," said gun rights supporter Dr. Clyde Weaver.

People like Weaver say the problem behind shootings like the one in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado is not the gun, but the person shooting it.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said, "I think we can go back to every mass shooting we've had recently. Mental health played the role in it, not the firearm."

Smith says doesn't plan on standing alone to prevent federal gun laws from affecting Texans.

"The Smith COunty Sheriff's Office and I'll assure you every sheriff across the state of Texas, the other 253 of them, I would expect to sit right along beside me in defending your right to keep and bear arms should anyone try to take it away from you."

Representative Hughes is taking similar action in state congress, by co-authoring bills like bill 553.

"This bill says any executive order coming out of Washington regarding guns that goes against the constitution will not have any effect in Texas. In fact, it says it's against the law to try to enforce those orders in Texas," Hughes said.

He and other activists believe taking guns away causes more violence.

"The presence of those guns and those rights, that's when we probably wont have to use them. They are a deterrent to our government, foreign governments and individuals that would do us harm," he told the crowd.

Gun rights activist Shane Dyson pointed to other parts of the country enforcing gun control.

"The entire City of Chicago is a gun free zone. More people are being killed in Chicago than are being killed in the Middle East. Wake up!" Dyson said.

His hope is that Texans will step up to ensure second amendment rights are untouched.


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