U.S. warns airlines about toothpaste terror threat


(CNN/CBS) - Airlines flying to the Olympics are on alert this morning after the U.S. warns about a new potential terror threat against the games.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued an advisory called a "tear-line" bulletin late Wednesday. This alert helps airline travelers know about the terrorists that may have found a new way to smuggle explosives onto airplanes using toothpaste or skin care products. The potential threat is aimed at Russia and the Olympics.

 This threat is raising the security warning for carriers flying from International cities to Russia.

"In a setting like this, what is an airline to do or what is the TSA to do or a passenger to do with regards to toothpaste? Are we going to put in place immediately restrictions on any kind of tubes or any kind of cosmetics going in flights going towards Russia?"says Mitt Romney, Former CEO, Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee.

  A Federal leader tells CBS News, the toothpaste alert originated after the arrests of Chechen female suspects in Austria and France. The State Department says the latest threat will not prompt any changes to travel guidelines for Americans visiting the Olympics. But the department still advises Americans to remain attentive about security while in Sochi.


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