Understanding "ObamaCare", Tyler Chamber of Commerce holds lecture

Understanding "ObamaCare", Tyler Chamber of Commerce holds lecture

TYLER (KYTX) - A special event put on by the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce medical committee was held at the UT Ornelas center to discuss the Affordable Healthcare act, also known as "ObamaCare".

A room filled with about 240 people all had one thing in common.

"I wanted to get the scoop on the affordable healthcare act," said Angie Rushing.

"Trying to keep track of the affordable healthcare act," said Gregory Parker.

That's where Anne Dunkelberg, Associate Director of the Center for Public Priorities and Policy comes in.

"It's always been part of my job to go around and talk about some of these topics and the affordable act has a lot of stuff that needs to be explained in it," Dunkelberg.

For individuals, the Affordable healthcare act will take effect January 1st 2014, and with it will come changes. As it stands now, older or disabled Americans are often denied covered due to pre-existing conditions or age.

"That is one of the biggest changes of the affordable healthcare act is it saying you're not gonna ever be able to be turned down because of your health conditions or be charged more," Dunkelberg said.   

A common question: I'm already insured and pleased with my coverage, will I have to find a new provider?

Dunkelberg said most likely the answer is no.

"The statistics tell us from the Department of Labor that about 92 percent of Texas employers with more than 50 workers are already providing coverage and in most cases the coverage they are providing is perfectly fine."

People not insured with their employer won't have to pay a blanket cost. It will be calculated based on where they sit along the poverty line.

"We have never had a system in the country before to make sure that everybody at every income level could get health coverage," Dunkelberg said.



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