Union Grove ISD Allows Teachers to Carry Firearms

Over a month after Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary it continues to have local schools making changes to their security measures.
   For Union Grove I-S-D that change is to allow it's teachers to carry concealed firearms to school ---Charles Dauster picks up his grand kids from school daily and says he doesn't mind it at all.
   "In the event something were to happen, id like to have some one site in the event someone needed to do something" - Dauster
    With the closest first responders being 12 miles away, the district decided this is the best option. Dauster agrees.
   "Even if they are 2 minutes away, that's too long" - Dauster
   Union Grove Superintendent Brian Gray says for one of his teachers to carry one - they will go through extensive training.
    "It isn't a situation where if you have a concealed handgun license and you get to carry a gun into Union Grove ISD ... the criteria will be very select and only a handful of staff will be trained." - Gray
    "The Superintendent says his district isn't waiting to make a decision, and is being proactive before anything bad can happen"
  I asked my parents if someone came into union grove isd would you want us to be able to do something.. .and the overwhelming majority was yes" - Gray
 The school has sent letters, and held meetings for parents to express concerns of the new policy but Gray says he hasn't received any complaints.
   For this grandparent he feels very safe sending his grandchildren to Union Grove.
    Every teacher I know... all of them have good judgement... I would not be concerned at all if they awanted to carry a concealed handgun around my grand kids"  - DAUSTER
 In Union Grove, Upshur County, I'm Kevin Boyce KYTX CBS 19 News.


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