Update: 126 cases of Cyclospora in Texas

Two cases of Cylcospora confirmed in Smith County


UPDATE: Wednesday, July 31 (KYTX) - Christine Mann, spokesperson with the Department of State Health Services, confirms to KYTX CBS 19 there are now 126 cyclospora cases being reported in Texas.



Friday Update: There are now 21 new confirmed cases in Texas since Thursday.


George Roberts with NET HEALTH said the state is now reporting 101 cases of cyclospora.

Two cases are in Smith county, one in Hunt county. The illness is usually brought on, by ingesting water or food, contaminated with feces.




SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) --Two Cyclospora cases have been confirmed in Smith County.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the mysterious parasite has sickened nearly 300 people in 11 states.

80 of those cases reported in Texas this month.

Cyclospora is a microscopic parasite you never want to meet.

The tough bug likes to live in the small intestine, causing diarrhea that can last up to two months.

"There may be more cases out there," said George Roberts, NET HEALTH.

George Roberts with NET HEALTH says only two cases have been confirmed in East Texas. One person has allegedly had the illness for 22 days.

"Everybody is going back and interviewing these people and trying to find out what the common denominator is," said Bill Marler.

Seattle Food Safety Lawyer Bill Marler says it is going to take time to track down the source of the parasite.

Marler says every state is not required to report Cyclospora cases.

"If you don't know about it, you can't investigate it. That's the one thing I think is hampering the work by the epidemiologist," said Marler.

The CDC reports the parasite has put at least 18 people in the hospital in three states.

"People have right to be compensated for what they've gone through," added Marler.

Most of the illnesses in the current outbreak occurred from mid-June through early July.

The CDC pointed out its investigation found that those who have been affected were not at a social gathering or event together.

"One of the things that could still happen is if we don't trace it back to the location this thing started from, we may see this outbreak, in a sense, happen again. If we don't get a handle of the contaminated farm it was or contaminated manufacturing where it was," explained Marler.

While health leaders try to find the source of the contamination, experts can't say it enough how it important it is to watch what you eat.

"The recommendation is when you buy fruits and vegetables in the store or harvest them out of your garden, wash them, wash your fruits and vegetables,and the second thing is wash your hands," said Roberts.

It takes about one week for people who are infected to get sick.

Other symptoms of cyclospora include loss of appetite, weight loss, cramping, bloating, and fatigue.

Health experts say people who think they've been infected with the parasite can go to a doctor where they can get tested and treated.

Antibiotics, rest and plenty of fluids can treat the illness.

The following counties have reported Cyclospora infection: Collin, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Ellis, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Montague, Parker, Potter, Smith, Tarrant, Tom Green, Travis, Victoria and Williamson. (Texas Department of Health)


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