Update: Accidental Shooting Kills One

Update: Accidental Shooting Kills One

HARLETON (KYTX) -  The Harrison County Sheriff's Office says while a man was handing a pistol to his friend, it was handed barrel first and accidentally went off.  David Kidder is a certified handgun instructor at the gun doctor in Longview. He spends hours teaching the ins and outs of these firearms. He says owning one of these takes an incredible amount of responsibility. According to the C.D.C., more than 80 deaths happen every year in the U.S. from accidental shootings.

"Most people that are shot are shot with an unloaded gun. People think the gun is empty and then act careless."
He says safety precautions can be a pain, but are crucial to avoiding tragedy. - David Kidder 
"People have an attitude that having a safety on is making the gun safe. But mechanical safeties shouldn't be trusted.  You have to physically, and visually check the gun."
The Harrison County Sheriff's Office says on Sunday, Ivan Dolley was shot in the stomach by Mitchel Morgan.  His family spoke with me off camera and says the two were shooting empty cans off of this old, oil barrel.  
 Kidder says if you're shooting any gun make sure the safety is on until it's ready to be used, always keep your finger off the trigger., and always hand it off with the handle facing the receiver. Ultimately, a gun without bullets can't hurt you.  
 "Make sure it is unloaded, every time you pick it up." - Kidder 
The Harrison County Sheriff's Office says alcohol could have been involved in the accident. Officials are waiting on Dolley's autopsy results to check his blood alcohol level.  
The Harrison County District Attorney's Office will refer its case to a grand jury. No charges have been filed at this time.  Morgan could face manslaughter charges or even murder.  


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