UPDATE: Carbon monoxide cause of 2 deaths, police say

UPDATE: Tyler police say Cynthia Pettigrew and Johnathan Lydia are the two people found dead at a residence on Albertson Avenue.

The cause of death is believed to have been carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a gas-powered generator.

The Tyler Police Department would like to remind everyone about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.  Carbon Monoxide gas is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.  It is also poisonous and can lead to death.   Devices that emit Carbon Monoxide should not be used in homes.  It is also recommended that all homes have Carbon Monoxide detectors installed. 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TYLER (KYTX) -  A Tyler family says they want to know what happened. 
     Their aunt and an unidentified man were found dead inside a house on Albertson Avenue this afternoon. 
     CBS 19's Field Sutton joins us live from the intersection of Albertson
and Queen Street. 
       We're still waiting to find out who the man is and how both of them died. 
     Tonight we do know 50-year-old Cynthia Pettigrew was the woman found
dead in there. 
     Since, we joined you at five we've watched a justice of the peace arrive
to examine both of those bodies. 
     We've also watched as investigators widen out and started looking in
the yard. 
     As we mentioned, a family is left with a lot of questions tonight. 
     Pettigrew's niece tells us she is the one who came out here this
afternoon, went inside and found her aunt laying on the floor near the front door. 
     She said the man was laying on top of her aunt and also seemed to be
dead at that time. 
     She told us she had no idea who he was.  Her brother told us they just want to know happened.

And they are not the only ones looking for answers.  As the hours have passed out here we've watched as more and more people
line up along albertson avenue. These are friends and neighbors wondering how two people ended up dead.

They are all still out here tonight. Many of them clearly crying and hurting over what happened out here this afternoon.

Field we know police haven't said much but can you tell us anything about where they're focusing this investigation?

As far as we know there was no immediate evidence of a homicide like a knife or gun shot wound. We do know they're calling the death suspicious. 

Live from Albertson Avenue in Tyler Smith County, Field Sutton KYTX CBS 19 news.


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