Update: Cold snap halting blind man's progress in building home

Man building family home without eyesight getting community support

UPDATE: Unbearable temperatures have halted the work of Thomas Graham, the Bullard man who set out to build his family's dream home. By the way, Thomas is completely blind.

He has a small, portable heater but Graham says that hasn't been enough to fight the cold. Another interruption is that the pipes of his family's camper froze overnight, leaving him unable to work on his new home.

Hear how Thomas's journey is going by clicking on the video above. Our previous story is below.


Bullard (KYTX) -- It's an undertaking some people simply can't believe-- a blind man building his dream home with very little help. Thanks to the generosity of others, it's now nearing completion.

Thomas Graham isn't your typical builder. He's doing the project pretty much himself, and is completely blind--relying on tools like a Braille yardstick to get the job done.

"Some people can't believe that I can't see, so when they ask me I go, 'well then let me drive your vehicle if you don't believe it.' They pretty much believe it then," Graham said.

What he hasn't done alone, he's done with the help of volunteers, pitching in on things like the electrical wiring and the roof.

"It restores my faith in this country, it really does," Graham said.

This home is designed just like Thomas grew up in, and that's no coincidence.

"I made some bad choices as a teenager, got in some law trouble," Graham said. At 18, Thomas made the choice to go with his dad on a robbery attempt. His dad got shot and killed--and Thomas took bullets to the face, blinding him. He spent 6 years in prison.

"It took me going blind actually to see the light, and that's what I did. Rededicated my life to the Lord and have been living with the Lord ever since," Graham said.

Jim McKay heard Thomas's story. "That amazed me. I said, I've got to go meet that man," McKay said.

He's made it his mission to get donations and support from several churches-- to make Thomas's dream come true.

"I don't think I had one person tell me 'no' when I told them the blind man's story," McKay said.

So far, Thomas has all of his fingers intact and has advice for others who may try this at home.

"Make a conscious judgement of where your hands are at all times," Graham said.


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