UPDATE: Council approves online police reporting system, trail Grant

UPDATE: City of Tyler:

(KYTX) - During the regularly scheduled Council Meeting today, City Council approved the purchase of software from Coplogic, Inc. for the purpose of implementing online police reporting.

"This service will provide a convenient way to report minor incidents, crime tips and submit forms through an online service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," said Police Chief Gary Swindle.  "Plus, it provides a user friendly interface that even the most novice computer user can navigate."

The new system will allow citizens to make their own report of certain specified incidents both criminal and non-criminal in nature.  Additionally, citizens may file reports in various languages so that reporting is accessible to communities who may have been reluctant to file their reports previously. 

Benefits include convenient online reporting to citizens while also freeing up time for Officers to pursue other duties and responsibilities.  Processing time will decrease in the records division, and officers will be able to reallocate resources to proactively focus on crime trends and decrease response time for priority calls. 


"Incident specific messages will provide the citizen with the same information an officer would in the field," said Chief Swindle.  "So there will be no difference between the interactions with the Police Department online or with an officer on scene." 

Once the software has been installed, citizens will be able to file their reports online at www.TylerPolice.com.  Once a report has been submitted, citizens will be issued a temporary report which is traceable in the online system as well as the agency's Records Management System. 

"This is an outstanding example of demonstrated results from our Lean Six Sigma program," said Tyler City Manager Mark McDaniel.  "I am so proud of Lt. David Long for his work on this project." 

Upon approval, reports will be issued a permanent case number and an email will be sent to the citizen with a PDF attachment of the report that is suitable for insurance claims. 

Coplogic, Inc. requires a one-time set up fee of $12,500 plus $10,000 annually for License and Maintenance.  In return, this software will save the department and city $42.00 per report filed online, in addition to time savings for both officers and citizens.

City of Tyler:

UPDATE: TYLER (KYTX) - At their regularly scheduled meeting today, the Tyler City Council voted unanimously to accept a Trail Grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife in the amount of $189,200 and to execute a Trail Fund Agreement.   

The grant project includes construction of approximately 3.75 miles of crushed granite trail in addition to a bridge crossing over Black Fork Creek.   This trail will be an extension of the concrete trail currently located at Woldert Park, around Glass Recreation Center.  The trail will continue from the original concrete trail back bone around the lake area and will be approximately five-feet wide. 

"This trail will be similar to the trail currently located at Faulkner Park," said Parks Director Stephanie Rollings. "We are so pleased that we are able to add to our City trail system with this project." 


The grant is an 80/20 percent match grant with the state funding $189,200 and the City funding $47,300.  The City will use general funds and an in-kind match of $20,000 which includes in-house engineering services and design for the project to cover the 20 percent match. 

Now that the grant has been approved by Council, the City will begin discussions with the adjacent property owner for easements so that work can begin on design and construction plans for the project.  Signing the contract is the first step in the process.

UPDATE: TYLER (KYTX) - Tyler City Council approved the coplogic police motion and the park grant motion during the meeting Wednesday morning at the Liberty Theater on Erwin St.

TYLER (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) - If the Tyler City Council gives its approval today, city residents may report low-priority criminal incidents online with the aid of a system called Coplogic.

In addition, the council will review a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife to extend a hiking trail in a city park.

Both items are on the agenda for today's city council meeting at 9 a.m. at the Liberty Theater, 103 E. Erwin St.

A police officer created the DeskOfficer Online Reporting System with the help of a software architect, according to the company's website.

That system "revolutionized how agencies would handle low priority incidents," and allows citizens to report such incidents online so police resources can be better reallocated to meet the needs of the community, the website stated.

Tyler residents will be able to report minor incidents by going to www.tylerpolice.com.

A copy of a proposed contract between the city and the California-based company states that the city will be charged a base fee of $10,000 per year. For a period of three years, the annual fee will not increase by more than 5 percent of the previous year's annual fee, the proposed contract stated. A new project could be in the works for Woldert Park if the council approves a 3.75-mile granite extension of a trail there, as well as a bridge crossing over Black Fork Creek, according to information received from the city. The trail will continue from the original back bone around the lake area and will be 5 feet wide and constructed of crushed granite, according to the city. The trail will be similar to the trail currently at Faulkner Park.

The work will be financed in part from a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant totaling $236,500.

The state will fund $186,200 of the work, and the city portion for the project will be $47,300, according to information from the city.

The council also will recommend the reappointment of board members to the city's Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones 2 and 3, according to the agenda.

"This is very routine, and it is something we do every year," Susan Guthrie, city spokeswoman said Tuesday.

A reinvestment zone is designed to capture tax funding from new growth in an area and apply it infrastructure, city officials have said.

Property values increase because of the reinvestment, officials said.

For example, the initial study for the downtown parking garage, to be located at Broadway Avenue and Elm Street, was partially funded with money from Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, No. 2, Ms. Guthrie said.

The reinvestment zones, which were created in 2009, have not seen a great deal of capture because of the economic recession in the past few years, Ms. Guthrie said. The Tax Increment Reinvestment No. 2 includes downtown Tyler, she said.


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