UPDATE: 'Dangerous Dog' put down, Couple out of jail

UPDATE: COLLEYVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – The couple that was locked up for refusing to turn over their "dangerous dog" has been released from jail, and the dog has been put down.

CBS 11 was first to tell you about the story on Monday.

Animal Control investigators say Mary Mooney and Mitch Miskey were hiding their puppy, Yankey, so he wouldn't be put down.

Yankey was deemed dangerous after biting a child in May.

A Colleyville judge ordered for the dog to be turned over to Keller Animal Control and put down. Yankey was put down Monday evening.

It was determined at a hearing on Monday that Mooney and Miskey were hiding the dog, and both ended up going to jail after not turning him in.

Yankey was eventually found at a family friend's home.

COLLEYVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – It's a story of a dog on the loose and pet owners locked behind bars.

A judge gave a North Texas couple an hour to find their dog, which had been deemed dangerous. The dog had been held, was released and according to the family went missing shortly after.

The judge believed the family was lying about the dog's whereabouts. During the 60-minute countdown phone calls were made, the dog was miraculously found and the owners were taken to jail.

According to CBS 11 News sources, the couple will remain in jail until court officials actually see the dog.

There's video of the dog, named Yankey, playing in home recordings. Yankey's owners insisted the dog ran away.

"He had gotten out before and we got him back," claimed owner Mary Mooney. "It has happened numerous times, just like it happened at our house. He would get out."

The problem — the Cocker Spaniel is supposed to be at Keller Animal Control. Investigators say he was deemed dangerous after biting a child back in May.

Almost two weeks ago, a Colleyville judge ordered that Yankey be put down. The family was trying to appeal the ruling.

"He is so lovable," Mooney said. "If you saw him you would take him. He would probably lick you to death. He's just that kind of dog."

According to Mary Mooney, there was a court hearing for Yankey last week but her ex-husband Mitch Miskel, who also owns the dog, didn't show up. As a result Miskel was arrested.

Hours before the hearing Mary Mooney said, "I think I would rather have him lost, where he has a chance, than give him to me to turn him over and get killed."

Sources tell CBS 11 the dog was at the home of a family friend.

The judge would not comment, but Miskel and Mooney will be released from custody as soon as Keller Animal Control has the dog.



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