Update: Deputies investigating another reported break-in tonight

UPDATE: Gregg County sheriff's deputies responded to a residence in the 5500 block of Tryon Road tonight to investigate a vehicle and a home that were burglarized, according to dispatch reports.

The residence is located between the Country Place and Bella Terra subdivisions, but there has been no confirmation that the break-in is related to other burglaries reported in the past 24 hours in that neighborhood.


UPDATE: GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Neighbors in the Country Place and Bella Terra subdivisions say it's usually quiet. Sunday night, that quiet was disrupted by two burglars. One victim has advice for you.

"Don't think your neighborhood is safe," said Candy Bodien, who moved to Country Place in February. "That's all you can say, is always lock your stuff up. It's a lesson learned."

Bodien said her new neighborhood has been so quiet, when she heard noises coming from outside her house Sunday night, she thought it was a neighbor.

"If I would've came out, it probably would've scared them, but I never came out," Bodien said.

Gregg county sheriff's investigators say seven vehicles and two homes were broken into Sunday evening in the neighborhood off Tryon Road.

Some victims suffered vandalism and damage to their doors. Others lost...

50:22 "Radio, my purse, my husband's wallet, bikes."

Bodien believes the burglars took her sons' bikes to travel from house to house unsuspected. Now those are gone too.

"They found my purse on the other side of this house right here. Everything was thrown out. All they took was the cash. They were not looking for the credit cards or anything like that," she said.

A lot of the victims wouldn't go on camera with us, but many of them said they left their doors unlocked. Another woman's purse was taken as well.

Gregg County sheriff's investigators released this surveillance video today from one of the home burglaries. Longview police are helping to solve the crime, but so far no arrests.

Gaddis Lindsey said, while burglars skipped over his home on Country Place Drive, he is prepared if anyone trespasses his property.

"If they're smart enough to be gangsters, then there's not much you can do except to protect yourself and you family, and the third thing is your property," Lindsey said.

Country Place residents might have been caught off guard, but they are thankful it wasn't worse.

"The only damage was to my husband's truck, which they took the radio out," Bodien said.

One note: Lock your cars. Lock your homes. Even if you feel like you're in a safe neighborhood, burglars need at least one line of defense to get through and take your property.




GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - Gregg County Sheriff's investigators are probing several burglaries reported north of Longview.

The burglaries involving both cars and homes occurred on the night of September 23rd or the early morning of September 24th in the subdivisions of Bella Terra and Country Place off Tryon Road in Longview.

Approximately 7 vehicles and 2 homes were reportedly broken into in the subdivision, Haddix said.


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