Update: ETX Homeowner shoots and kills armed intruder

Update: ETX Homeowner shoots and kills armed intruder

40-year-old Michael Brown of Canton was shot and killed at a home on County Road 4715 near Ben Wheeler Wednesday night. Investigators said it was the unfortunate end to a property invasion.

County Road 4715 is quiet--with just a few homes before it comes to a dead end. Most of the neighbors know each other but no one seems to know much about the people who live in the house where the shooting happened.

By Thursday afternoon that family was off the hook as far as Sheriff Lindsey Ray was concerned.

His official version of the shooting is essentially that brown--high on meth--showed up at the home after being told he was unwelcome and started shooting, forcing the people who live in the house had to defend themselves.

Across the street, Sarah Mayne was worried about her three children as the shots rang out around 10:30 Wednesday night.

"They were hollering, all hollering amongst each other," Mayne said. "A lot of it you couldn't make out but you could definitely tell that someone was wanting them away from their house and there was someone else trying to keep someone from getting hurt."

"It's becoming painfully apparent that decent people are tired of the drug addicts, the drug dealers, burglars, rapists and thieves who wreak havoc in our community," Sheriff Ray said.

But Mayne said she's upset because her across the street neighbors are constantly bringing the wrong kind of people into the neighborhood.

"You'll see them outside at different times of night just banging around, not sure what they're doing," she said. "But it's definitely been kind of a scary situation."

She's hoping they'll take Brown's death as a sign that something else needs to change. No one answered the door at that home when we went to ask about the shooting.

The case is being forwarded to the Van Zandt County District Attorney. No arrests have been made.


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