Update: FAA investigating cause of Gladewater plane crash

GLADEWATER (KYTX) - New information about a private plane that crashed Saturday afternoon at the Gladewater Municipal Airport.

FAA investigators may have found out what caused the plane to go down.

The plane still lies right where it crash-landed, the windshield shattered, wires hanging, and parts scattered everywhere.

The question is, what happened?

Pilot Jason Kelley says "Accidents like this aren't common in general aviation."

DPS Trooper Brant Smith was at the Gladewater Municipal Airport Sunday morning, while the FAA investigated the plane.

Smith says, "We received information that the plane was making an approach to land in windy conditions, and that the plane possibly lost power to one of its engines."

Saturday, investigators told CBS 19 there were also issues with the landing gear -something Kelley says was apparent when he saw the plane.

He says, "Just from an observation of looking at the accident, looks like the landing gear collapsed on it."

The powerful winds didn't help either.

Smith says, "They had 30 mile-an-hour winds around the time the plane attempted to make a landing."

Kelley knows first hand how challenging it is to land in winds that strong.

"The winds of course always have a factor and come into play."

He says, the important thing is that everyone in the plane made it out alive.

"I was very happy to see that the passengers at least survived the accident."

There were 5 people on the plane, including the pilot. As of last night, four passengers were doing well, but one was in critical condition.

The FAA has now taken over the investigation, but the Gladewater Airport manager says the NTSB will investigate the crash Monday.


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