Update: Homicide scene in Ft. Worth linked to body remains found in ETX and LA. suspects identified

Sheriff on Smith Co. 'body part' homicide: "I don't think they consciously left the organs there."

From the Smith County Sheriff's Office:

UPDATE: SMITH COUNTY (KYTX) - Yesterday, Thursday, May 29, 2014, the Smith County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division detectives, assigned to what is now known as the Marion Lee Brown homicide investigation, developed information which identified potential suspects in this investigation.

This information was developed as a result of the examination of the voluminous evidence collected by Smith County and Shreveport, Louisiana detectives since the investigation began last Friday.

That information was forwarded to the Ft. Worth Police Department Homicide Division, who as a result of the information provided by both Smith County Sheriff's Office and the Shreveport Police Department, were able to obtain an evidentiary search warrant for a residential location in Ft. Worth.

Smith County Sheriff's Office detectives were in close and constant contact yesterday afternoon with the Ft. Worth homicide investigators once the Smith County detectives uncovered the information which allowed for the identification of two suspects as well as the potential original crime scene address. Once the search warrant was executed, the Ft. Worth Police Department Crime Scene Unit as well as their homicide division were successful in identifying a crime scene at that location, within their jurisdiction, that is potentially the original homicide scene.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office will defer to the Ft. Worth Police Department for any additional information and press releases regarding this case as they have primary jurisdiction now in this investigation. Sheriff Smith stated, "We will continue to provide any assistance we can to the Ft. Worth Police Department in a support role in this investigation". Sheriff Smith went on to say that this investigation has been an outstanding example of what can be accomplished when multiple jurisdictions are able to exchange information and work together for the common good.

Sheriff Smith also stated, "I would like to take this opportunity to commend the twelve detectives, the initial responding Smith County Sheriff's Office Patrol deputies and anyone else in the Sheriff's Office for an outstanding effort in this investigation."

Original Story:

Shreveport Police identified the victim late Wednesday as 54-year-old Marion Lee Brown of Weatherford, TX. The department credited finger print records obtained by Smith County investigators as the final link in the identification process.

Sheriff Larry Smith provided new details in the gruesome homicide investigation that began Friday morning with the discovery of a burning roll of carpet along County Road 317.

Shortly after that discovery drivers noticed an SUV on fire in the woods off Lavender Road north of I-20. That SUV turned out to be the victim's and was dumped there as part of an attempt to destroy evidence, the sheriff said.

Wednesday's major advance in the case was confirmation that a body found by boaters Sunday in Shreveport's Cross lake was that of the victim, and that his injuries matched what investigators were expecting given that portions of "organs" from the man's head were found inside the carpet.

"I don't think they consciously left the organs there," Smith said. "It was high velocity trauma to the head."

That trauma was most likely a gun shot, Smith said, at close range--allowing the organs inside the man's head to end up on the carpet wherever he was killed.

"That scene on 371 was nothing more than the cleanup of where the homicide originally occurred," Smith said.

Smith said he believes the original crime scene is a home or apartment in southwest Fort Worth. He declined to identify the victim, but said the man hasn't been to work or home since before last Friday, which contributed to certainty regarding the man's identity.

"That, along with the facial recognition from the coroner in Caddo Parrish, where we sent the photograph," Smith said.

DNA testing or dental records should confirm the victim's identity.

Meanwhile, the working theory of a getaway car driven hundreds of miles--plus gas to torch the carpet and the victim's SUV--has investigators combing for clues at gas stations along I-20.

"You can't hardly anything or go anywhere these days without leaving a foot print," Smith said. "And I don't mean a literal foot print."

If you can help, call the Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-CUFF (2833).


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