Update: National Weather Service confirms two tornados touched down in Rusk County

UPDATE (9:00 pm) -- The National Weather Service confirms two tornadoes did touch down in East Texas yesterday - both in Rusk County.

They said an EF-0 tornado touched down seven miles southwest of Henderson in Rusk County.

Wind speeds have been estimated between 65 and 70 miles per hour.

Another EF-0 tornado also touched down six miles northwest of Mt. Enterprise.

There were no reports of injuries or property damage.



RUSK COUNTY (KYTX) -- Pam Harris was in her Minden home when she heard strong winds and hail early Wednesday afternoon. She came outside to get a better look and ended up staring straight into what she believed was a tornado. 

"There was definitely a tornado south east right here above that tree," she said. "The rain started real heavy and it kind of wrapped it and you could see it wrap it and then I couldn't see it anymore."

Harris, unlike others in Rusk County didn't suffer much damage. Downed trees left a mess for road crews to clean up in other parts of county.

"We had one tree down on one of our county roads and we took care of it with our crew and we had no more calls at this time for any damage."

People in the community of Compton saw thunder and lightning but didn't lose power -- even when the winds were at their strongest.

"Lost TV reception for about 15 to 20 minutes. No power outages."

Clarence Godfrey wasn't pleased with the damage caused by the storm but content with the rain that came with it. 

"Real glad to see it we needed it bad could use some more send some more."

Rusk County Richard Trelles KYTX CBS 19 News 

Rusk County Sheriff says as of tonight, there are no reports of injuries. 

The National Weather Service has not yet announced plans to survey the damage where that tornado was reported.


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