UPDATE: One of Charity Johnson's Best Friends Speaks Out

UPDATE: One of Charity Johnson's Best Friends Speaks Out

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - A 34-year old woman has successfully fooled dozens of East Texans. Especially Tamica Lincoln, Lincoln says she brought Charity in because it was the godly thing to do. Charity claimed that her entire family was dead, and she needed a guardian.

That's when 19-year old Asia Johnson met Charity. The 3 worked at the McDonalds inside of this Walmart together.
"I've been staying her by myself and I know nothing about her. The question is, what has she lied about? She's been lying about her age, what is the truth?" - Asia Johnson, 19-Year-Old Friend
Asia says she thought she was 4 years older than Charity and acted like a big sister. She even gave Charity relationship advice telling her that her 22-year old boyfriend was too old for her.  
 "We talked about everything. We talked about boys, what she should do. We talked about school and her friends."
On Tuesday, the Longview Police Department was called to these apartments.  Tamica Lincoln called them, after she became suspicious. She wanted help getting Charity out of her house.
"Thank God, really. He has had us all covered. I'm glad nothing ever happened to any of us" - Tamica Lincoln
Known as Charite Stevens around the people she tricked, she was arrested and booked into the Gregg County Jail.
"Charity was even able to pull the veil over this school's head. She began the school year here at New Life Christian School until Lincoln broke the news to school officials." - Kevin Boyce, CBS 19 
 "The students and principal started to cry."
School officials say Charity enrolled at the school with someone who claimed to be her guardian, and said charity had been home schooled up until 10th grade.
"She did her homework and went to school."
School officials say they did not ask for an I.D. because the guardian was there with her.   Asia says she has lost someone close to her.  
"The only thing I can get in my head is why. Why would you put everyone in a situation, when it comes to our feelings"
Longview Police say the investigation is not over.

UPDATE: The woman has lied about her age again.

Johnson's real age is 34, Longview Police Department confirmed and told CBS 19.

LONGVIEW (KYTX) --  Police arrest a 31-year-old woman they say posed as a 15-year-old girl at a local school.

Officers arrested Charity Johnson at home on High Street this week. Police say she was attending a local high school using a fake name and birth date. 

Investigators would not say what school she was enrolled in. Johnson is being held on a $500 bond.    


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