UPDATE: Quitman man says he was evicted after calling 911

UPDATE: Quitman man says he was evicted after calling 911

 QUITMAN (KYTX)-Residents at the Dogwood Villa Apartments say the past few days have been very hard on them.  

But for the people living in apartment 9, it's only going to get harder.  

They were the people that called 911 when the girls were found dead and now they are being evicted for being involved in the situation.

Dalton German called 911 when he found the girls he calls his nieces dead.

"The babies that just passed away are more important than anything but we are just trying to live our life and that's all we can do because like I said they are up there with Jesus now and they wouldn't want us to be sad they wouldn't want us to be hurting because they're happy, they are in a better place," German said.

But that hasn't been the only difficult thing that's happened to German this week, Friday afternoon he was handed an eviction notice.

"He reached in and grab the eviction notice, handed it to us and said look we're not going to have any part in what happened over there, anyone that had a part of it is being evicted they will no loner live here and that's it," German said.

German says this has made a hard week even harder.

"I just lost my nieces, we don't need this on us," German said. "It's like everyone is being hurt and they don't care."

German says he and his fiancee have been late on rent payments but have talked about it with the management company. He doesn't see any other reason to be evicted.

"They've helped us out a lot about it so i don't understand why it is automatically being such a big deal," German said.

But good things can always come out of bad situations.

"In one way its kind of a good things because its kind of closure, were leaving it all behind but at the same way its being pushed on us," German said.

Quitman Realty, the company that owns and manages the property, said that the company has no comment.

German and his family have found a home to rent.

The investigation into the deaths of the girls is still ongoing.  Investigators do have autopsy results but they're not ready to release them yet.


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