Update: Robbery suspect caught in Tyler

Manhunt in Longview

UPDATE: Longview police say 43 -year-old Robby Bryan Stevens was arrested overnight in Tyler.

Police in Tyler arrested Stevens at the Knights Inn Hotel at 2600 West SW loop 323 in Tyler.

He was taken to the Smith County jail and will be taken either to the Gregg County Jail to be arraigned on a warrant for the Dec. 20 robbery of China King Restaurant in Longview, or be taken to Upshur County to face charges there, according to Longview Public Information Officer Kristie Brian.

Multiple law enforcement agencies searched for Stevens Thursday after he ran from deputies in Upshur County.



Orginal Story:


 Just before 10 this morning, Kathy Bright heard squealing tires outside Spring Hill Assembly of God.
"I looked out my window and saw a guy running around the parking lot and a gray truck chasing him, and then I saw him run across the street. The gray truck jumped the curb, a guy got out, pointed a guy at him, and then the guy ran into the forest in the back behind Beacon Hospice."
Investigators are looking for this man, 43-year-old Robby Bryan Stevens.
Officer Kristie Brian with Longview police says Stevens is wanted for robbing China King restaurant on Loop 281 on December 20th.
Sources tell CBS 19 Stevens could be connected to other East Texas robberies, including the Dollar General Store in Diana Saturday night, and early this morning at two other restaurants in North Longview.
Both robberies were at gunpoint, and police say he's likely still armed.
Officers searched twice this morning for Stevens. It began just after 5, when Upshur County investigators tried executing a warrant on Stevens.
He ran into Gregg County, starting an hours-long search along Judson Road.
Jhazmyne Williams heard the D.P.S. helicopter fly over her home near downtown.
"It started me enough to wake me up," Williams said. "It sounded really low."
Stevens disappeared until one investigator found him darting across the church parking lot, but Bright looked out the window only quick enough to see him get away and run into some woods barefoot.
"After a while, I saw someone had lost a shoe in our parking lot. I figured it was him," Bright said.
Officer Brian says if you see Stevens, don't approach him, but call police immediately.

Other businesses robbed around two this morning while employees were closing down -- were Cheddar's and Chili's in Longview, but again Stevens hasn't officially been named a suspect in those robberies.

The robber was wearing a mask. Police called off the manhunt around one this afternoon, Stevens was last seen in a white shirt, blue jeans and barefoot. Again, he's considered armed and dangerous.























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