UPDATE: Westwood Elementary no longer on lockdown

UPDATE: (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) - Westwood ISD Superintendent Ed Lyman says the school district is no longer on lockdown, but "quite a number of parents" have picked up their children due to the recent school shootings and today's incident.



City of Palestine:

UPDATE: PALESTINE (KYTX) - Westwood Elementary School was on temporary lockdown this morning when police learned that a suspect may have been involved in another altercation near the school.

The suspect never entered the school and children were never in danger. The school responded quickly and went into full lockdown.

It is not necessary to go to the school and pick up your child since everything is under control and the lockdown has been lifted.

Sgt. James Muniz with Palestine Police Department will be releasing more information within the hour to the press.

UPDATE: (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) - A reported shooting touched off fears this morning and sent a school district into lockdown mode in Anderson County.

Sheriff Greg Taylor told the Tyler Morning Telegraph that the reported incident had nothing to do with the Westwood Elementary School except that a dog bite victim ran to the school.
"What we have here is a home where criminal activity is suspected. Two individuals got into it and one fired a shot at another, but did not hit them. The victim was then bitten by a pit bull in the yard that almost bit my deputies on our arrival," he said.

Taylor said the suspected shooter left the area in a vehicle and never went to any school, but the dog bite victim ran from the area and wound up at the school.

"The shooting has nothing to do with the school, but Westwood Independent School District did in fact what they should have done and locked down the schools. When I went up there just a bit ago to explain to them what was going on they were still on lockdown and were allowing parents to pick up their children if they wanted," he said.

Taylor said the investigation is ongoing and as new details emerge he would release them.
However, he reiterated at no time was there a shooter on any campus.



UPDATE: (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) -  Police in Palestine are investigating reported incidents near the Westwood Elementary School where the school remains on lock down.

Police said they are working to get information out as soon as possible, but school officials said a man ran from police and onto the school's playground.
There were citizen reports of shots fired, but police said there were no shots fired during the incident.
Police did say no one was harmed in the incident.

Police are working a second incident involving a stolen school bus, with students possibly on the bus.



PALESTINE (KYTX) - Curriculum Director Cindy Christian tells CBS 19 that an incident occurred in the neighborhood surrounding Westwood Elementary which prompted school officials to place the school on lockdown.

According to Christian an individual was taken into custody by the Palestine Police Department, and the school's lockdown has been lifted.

All parents were notified of the incident.


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