UT Tyler expands it's parking lots for the Fall semester

UT Tyler expands it's parking lots for the Fall semester

TYLER (KYTX) - The school growth is wonderful, but it's true, it used to be impossible to find a spot in these lots!

So administrators added 420 new spots around campus!

Plus, they have a great plan in place for the first couple busy weeks of school. 

Cars circling around a packed parking lot, sound like UT Tyler to you? Okay, so after a surge of new students, finding a parking spot was like winning the lottery.

"Last fall we had people parked everywhere, in the streets, in the yards."  

"I hated it. It was very hectic last year."

 "It was pretty bad." 

So administrators like Harold Dotty found a way to create 420 new parking spots. 

"About 300 of those we got by fixing the striping in our existing lots."

In the front campus lots you can see where slanted lines have been redrawn straight.

"It's a lot better."

"Because usually you couldn't get any spots in here."

"HD and the university over the summer built a new lot at the corner of Varsity and Old Omen which will hold about 120 cars."

Third year student Billy Hopson  is excited about the new parking lot.

"It's pretty big. It's going to be a lot better for parking over on that side."

But don't expect to see open spots for the first few weeks of school!

"At the start you have everybody trying to get books and pay bills and change classes, so you end up with way more students here at one time than we would normally expect."

That's why Rose Heights Church, down the street, has offered its parking lot.

"We've created a shuttle system that will run from the university to Rose Heights for the first two weeks of class."

The City of Tyler is also allowing some street parking around the university for those first two weeks.

"The biggest silver lining? our problem is our university is very healthy and we're having great growth."

And that's not just a good thing for UT Tyler!

That's good for East Texas because it brings more people into our community and helps build our work force.


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