UT Tyler supporting students in recovery

Student Recovery

TYLER (KYTX) - The University of Texas at Tyler wants all students to find academic success, no matter their current situation. That's why it recently opened the Center for Students in Recovery.

"What we want to do is provide a support system for our students to let them know that there are options for them."

Ona Tolliver is assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students at UT Tyler.

She says it's important for all students to feel like their school staff supports them- academically, professionally, and personally.

"We know that a large part of why a student is at an institution is their education, but they're also here because it's a good fit for them."

Tolliver says the center provides students counseling, classes and activities to help them through their recovery. She hopes this translates to success in the classroom.

"What we find is that students who are having difficulty coping or students who are struggling with any myriad type of conditions oftentimes don't do well academically."

UT Tyler graduate student Ife Adetoro has a friend battling a gambling addiction.

"In class, you could see him on his phone just- 'aw man, I hope my guy wins today. I hope my guy wins.' I'm like, dude, just don't worry about this."

He says school is hard work, and hopes students will take advantage of this program to help get themselves get back on track, if they need it.

"I feel like it is going to be helpful because a lot of students here need help."

This is a program that the University of Texas at Austin has had for about 10 years. It's been so successful that a proposal was made to expand it to other universities in the UT system. UT Tyler received a grant to be able to implement it here.



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