Vanessa Pearson loses 100 pounds; celebrates Fit City Success

Vanessa Pearson loses 100 pounds; celebrates Fit City Success

TYLER (KYTX) - A weight loss challenge at work helped motivate a Tyler woman to lose 100 pounds in a little more than a year.  Now, she's using her inspiring story of weight loss to get others off the couch.  Find out how Vanessa Pearson re-tooled her diet and started getting active to find Fit City Success.

About a year ago Vanessa Pearson had a life changing moment.  She was on a plane unable to buckle her seat belt.  That's the moment she decided to make a lifestyle change.

"Then, I saw the picture of my face that we had taken for work and I was so puffy. I knew I had to do something," says Vanessa Pearson, lost 100 pounds.

Vanessa Pearson started simple.  She started eating clean and walking.  That helped her drop 25 pounds in a few months. Vanessa decided to take her commitment to getting healthy to another level.

"In 2012, we started the weight loss challenge at work and I was like-- it is on, it is on!"  

She joined Woodcreek Athletic Club and tried Zumba for it's cardio kick.  Vanessa says she went crazy at the gym going everyday.  "I'll try a lot of stuff-- circuit training, jump rope, weights, zumba, kick boxing, yoga," says Vanessa. 

One of the tricks Vanessa uses to get her back in the gym everyday is she leaves her shoes in the locker room.  That forces her to come back to the gym and get her shoes so she can work out.  "I also leave other things here, like my good makeup.," says Vanessa.

Vanessa had to give up some things she loved to lose 100 pounds.  "I stopped drinking regular soda. I have been drinking soda for 28 years now and I am 30.  That tells you something," says Vanessa.  "I love cookies, but I really don't eat cookies anymore."

Instead, she eats lean protein-- chicken, turkey and beans.  She also eats a lot of vegetables.

"I know the calorie content at restaurants and food.  It's like a walking encyclopedia of calorie content in here," says Vanessa. 

Vanessa stays motivated celebrating little milestones.  "I wanted to buy knee high boots and I finally got my calves small enough," says Vanessa.

Vanessa hopes her Fit City Success will be an inspiration to someone else.  "If you can look at me and say that chick lost 100 pounds.  Well, I can do that."

Right now, Vanessa is training for the Azalea 10k.  She plans to run a half marathon and she wants to jump rope like Rocky.

Vanessa says she is still working on getting down to a healthier weight, but she isn't focusing on a specific number, just maintaining her workout routine and putting good food in her body.



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