Walking In Faith: MOSS

TYLER (KYTX) - It is not uncommon for a "ministry" to be become a "business", but it's not everyday someone opens a business designed to become a ministry.

In just a few days, "MOSS", located on Tyler's south side, will open. MOSS will be selling specialty flower and plant arrangements. But the shop's young owners pray their customers leave with a new outlook on how business should be done.

 "Scary. A lot of doubt. A lot of excitement. And then expecting things to happen and then they don't happen the way you intend, so you just really have to rely on God," says MOSS Owner Meagan Lissner.

God and their faith in him says Meagan and Patrick Lissner is the only reason the doors of MOSS opened this week. The young couple left a safe and secure future working in a church ministry in Wisconsin to come back home to East Texas and live out their faith.

 "It's like jumping off a cliff into nowhere and God saying don't worry I'm going to catch you. And so we take that leap of faith where we left a job that we loved. I mean there were no issues at my job where we were and it was providing for the family to zero income and starting a business with zero income and saying okay god you build it because we can't literally, we can't, you'll have to do this," says Patrick Lissner.

The Lissner's felt called to open a business that could also serve as a ministry. They felt lead to two. The tragedy of human sex trafficking and the issue of fair trade.

"So that's why we have an emphasis on fair trade because we believe Jesus cares about that. If he was living in our age now, he is but physically here now, he would be campaigning the very same things. And with human trafficking, something that is so detestable as that, we want to do our part with everything that we are," says Patrick.

Their business will help support "Refuge of Light- a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a long term safe home that provides physical, mental, and spiritual healing for victims of Human-Trafficking.

"Along with that, all of our products will be bought by ... it will either be "free trade" or benefiting an organization that we stand behind. We are not just going to go to market and buy a bunch of stuff. Everything we buy is because we want to give back to that organization. So it's just really fun," says Meagan.

Starting a business is difficult but a ministry and business at the same time has been a challenge for the Lissners. Even Paige McGuffey, Meagan's mom, has caught the vision and quit her job to join the new family business.

 "I couldn't be more proud. I'm very proud of them.  And there is a peace about it. I feel like it's the right thing to do," says Paige.

 While Meagan and Patrick hope their new customers are pleased with their flower and plant arrangements, they are praying that when their customers leave MOSS, they will have a new perspective on the world around them.

 "The biggest thing is that every purchase matters. To get people to start using their conscious, like a conscious consumer. Of saying what I buy is going to effect someone else's life. Whether that be a flower, a plant or a cup of coffee. It's going to effect someone else somewhere in the world. And I want to start thinking that way we want people to shift the mind set of the culture to say you can consume things in a healthy way and you can do that to benefit people," says Meagan.

A few minor construction delays has pushed back the open of Moss. They hope to be open sometime in late November.

If you know someone whose life changed because of their faith, let us know. Email your story to Clint Yeatts at cyeatts@cbs19.tv.


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